Got a vintage watch lover in your life? If you’re looking for a gift that will wow them, ironically the best gift for them is not a watch. Why? Because you’ll probably get it wrong. Instead, choose gift ideas for vintage watch collectors that complement their hobby.

But where to start? At Vintage Gold Watches, we’ve got plenty of great gift ideas including watch winders, watch repair kits, watch art, watch rolls, watch collector’s cases, vintage watch books and more.

Understand Your Watch Nerd

The watch collector in your life understands full well that the Casio digital on your wrist keeps excellent time and costs under £30, but that’s not what he’s interested in. Watch collectors are on a quest for a grail watch, which, because of its rarity, is admired and envied by other collectors. Don’t try to compete with it, don’t try to buy a sensible new watch, just show your support for it, whether it be a passing phase or a lifelong obsession.

10 Great Gift Ideas for the Vintage Watch Collector in Your Life

Watch Books

Here at Vintage Gold Watches, we are frequently asked for book recommendations, particularly those centred around vintage Rolexes. We stock books on the brands we closely follow, or more specialised books exploring the fascinating world of vintage watches. Books themselves can be as captivating as the timepieces they describe, and over the past two decades, we’ve amassed an extensive collection.

Our stock boasts over a hundred titles, encompassing nearly all the essential books on Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, IWC, and Zenith. We hold every title authored by British watchmaker George Daniels, along with various books delving into the early history of Breguet watches. Be sure to browse our library for inspiration and email or call if there is a title you would like to buy.

If your vintage watch nerd is a keen Rolex or Patek Philippe enthusiast, there are no finer or more in-depth books on the market than those created by Mondani Books. Authored by Giorgia Mondani, Mondani books are considered among the best resource books for cultivating a passion for these two top Swiss brands and for learning how to invest for both pleasure and profit.

Last but by no means least, there’s a must-read book for vintage watch collectors by Matt Hranek. Called A Man And His Watch, this entertaining book delves into the captivating stories and intimate connections between men and their wristwatches through a collection of anecdotes and interviews. The book comes beautifully illustrated with photographs.

Watch Display Cases

Sooner or later you’re going to get tired of watches gathering dust on the bedside unit or filling up drawer space. What’s needed is a good quality collector case to keep everything tidy and display-ready. We have just what you’re looking for.

This Luxury Wooden Watch Display Case is capable of storing up to ten watches, with plump felt pillows with which to strap the watch around to secure them. The lockable box has a real wood exterior and full felt interior. This stylish and reasonably priced case ensures each watch can be found and admired at a moment’s notice while keeping the collection safe and dust-free.

Watch Rolls

We’re not talking about the kind of bread roll you eat with cheese and lettuce here. We are referring to a leather pouch which you can use to comfortably hold and protect up to six watches at a time while travelling. This Soft Leather Watch Roll, available in soft black or brown Nappa leather, is a convenient and elegant method for carrying watches safely.

Automatic Watch Winder

Mechanical watches will happily tick away for 48 hours or sometimes more, but if you don’t wear them for a few days they will stop. That’s why your watch nerd needs a Watch Winder. This Automatic Watch Winder doubles up as a display case for one watch. It’s compact and attractive so you will be happy to have it on display.

If you’re looking for a watch winder of any size or capacity, we know where to source them and can advise you on the best watch winder for you.Simply fill in our enquiry form or email [email protected] to find out more.

Watch Straps

The right strap can add presence and style to a vintage watch. Many vintage or antique watches do not have metal bracelets and so require a good quality leather strap. The Strap Tailor specialises in hand-made leather straps such as Ostrich, French Calfskin, Epsom Calf, Goat Skin, Pig Skin and Suede.

Watch straps are an important accessory to any vintage watch so it’s worth having one tailor-made. Supply the name of the watch or a picture of it to the Strap Tailor, and they will recommend a strap. Don’t worry if you can’t fit the watch strap yourself, that’s the first thing a watch nerd learns to do. If not it can be easily fitted at a local watch repair store.

One of the coolest ways to give a vintage watch a bit of sophisticated James Bond style is to fit it with a NATO Strap. The NATO strap, initially designed for military purposes, has evolved into a mainstream watch accessory, renowned for its robustness and versatility. The strap attaches individually to each lug bar or spring bar of the watch, providing exceptional security and is a top choice for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

If the watch nerd in your life served in the armed forces, the chances are you can find his regimental colours in a NATO strap and it can be fitted to any vintage watch.

Book in for a Watch Service

As your vintage watch lover will tell you, their beloved watches need to be serviced and shown some TLC every few years. Unlike your Casio! Do your vintage watch enthusiast a favour and arrange for their vintage watch, or watches, to be lovingly serviced by the best watchmakers and specialists around.

At Vintage Gold Watches our team of vintage watch experts, and our strong network of specialist restorers and finishers, are amongst some of the best in the country. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and our servicing costs are very reasonable.

A full service at Vintage Gold Watches includes fully dismantling the watch to all its component parts, cleaning and close examination, checking for signs of wear and replacement where necessary with only original parts, reassembly, adjustment, testing and calibration. Including 12 months warranty on the movement.

Call us on 0207 727 7095 (or +44 207 727 7095 from overseas), and we will be happy to give you advice and an approximate price by telephone. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

Watch Artwork

If the vintage watch collector in your life admires the beauty of a vintage Rolex on his wrist, imagine the pleasure of his chosen model adorning the walls of your home. Excellent Rolex Wall Art by Toby Brown Illustration creates bright and vibrant watch artwork. He doesn’t only paint watches so you can complement his watch artworks with other painting themes too. All prints are reasonably priced at £18.99. If you can’t find the watch you want, you can simply commission the artist.

Watch Magazine Subscription

There are several watch magazines published regularly. Among the best of them is Revolution Magazine. It began life in Singapore in 2005, and you won’t find a nation more fanatical about watches than Singapore. It’s safe to say these guys really know what they are talking about.

Nowadays the magazine is available with separate editions for the Far East, Europe and the USA. Each editor is a watch expert, so there is always something new you can learn. Revolution is constantly ‘celebrating the machine with a heartbeat,’ and a subscription to it for the keen watch collector could give them a first-class horological education.

Vintage Watch Catalogues and Advertising

Vintage Watch Catalogues are a great gift as the old catalogues offer page after page of watches with an abundance of information from long ago. The only thing is, you will have to get creative about sourcing them. They are, by their very nature, a finite resource.

We could give you links to various pieces, but the best advice is to simply go on eBay and explore the many sellers selling all kinds of watch catalogues, some inexpensive, some a little more costly. Similarly, with vintage watch advertisements from the past, it’s possible to find several examples on eBay.

Watch Related Experience

Many vintage watch collectors yearn to discover how watches are made first-hand and to sit at a workbench and discover exactly what it’s like to make a watch. Explore Watch offers tours to the very heart of the action, both in Le Locle and La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland. These areas are regarded as the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, and you get the chance to see how it’s done first-hand.

Not only will you see watches being made, but you can also talk with the craftsmen. Factories visited include that of Zenith and Officine Panerai. It will hold any watch collector in thrall, and once the tour is completed you have time to explore Switzerland. Check out the various vouchers for tours you can buy on the Explore Watch website and take a fascinating horological holiday.

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