Let Us Pamper Your Watch :)

Vintage Gold Watches London Limited has grown some considerable experience in servicing, repairs and restoration of vintage watches, through buying literally hundreds of watches each year and restoring them to the very high standards you see on this website. This always involves completely dismantling a watch for cleaning and close examination, replacing parts with genuine originals, rebuilding and oiling to manufacturers specifications, and then testing and calibration. Almost always, the dial and case will also require professional restoration. Naturally, we only ever buy and restore the best quality watches we can find. However, our customers often provide us with a watch in quite a poor state of repair, and significant restoration work. A watch may have been passed down through three generations. It may have been a grandparent’s watch which has been kept in the back of a drawer for many years. Sentimental reasons aside, it is almost always worthwhile to repair and restore a vintage watch, as long as it has not been too badly damaged through corrosion or abuse. Very often, minor miracles can be achieved at the hands of our expert craftsmen to bring a beautiful high-quality vintage watch back to life once more.

We will always be very happy to service your vintage watch, particularly if it is one of the brands in which we specialise. i.e. Rolex, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, IWC, Zenith, Universal Geneve and Girard  Perregaux. Our watchmaker will also be pleased to service other high quality brands, however please enquire in advance. Our estimated prices may be found below.

We can do as much or as little as you wish to your watch. In more detail, repairs and restoration may involve any or all of the following:-

The Movement – It is often surprising just how long a high-quality Swiss watch movement can last. The answer to this, with care and regular servicing, is almost indefinitely! This is not only because Swiss watches have always been so superbly well made, but there is almost always a good supply of the original manufacturer’s replacement parts available.

It is well worth keeping your watch regularly serviced as this will prevent the lubrication from drying out on critical parts of the watch, and prevent wear, therefore prolonging the life of those parts, and so the watch. Most problems apart from corrosion damage caused by exposure to salt, water can usually be resolved cost-effectively.

The Case – Surface scratches occur with use and are usually no problem as these can usually be removed, often without any loss of definition to the case. Deep scratches and engravings can be far more difficult to repair/restore, but can be undertaken by a specialist wristwatch case-maker. If the case is in very good original condition and has never been polished, it may be better to clean the case and give it a very gentle hand polish, in order to retain the fresh original look and feel of the watch.

The Case-back – Unwanted engravings can often be successfully removed, by a specialist wristwatch case-maker.  The results can be dramatic with no loss of thickness of case-back. However, this is highly skilled work and an estimate can only be provided once the case-back has been inspected. As a guideline, prices vary for this work between £250 and £500.

Lugs – Where the strap or bracelet fixes to the case, one of the four lugs can become damaged or even break away. However, this can be repaired fairly straightforwardly.

The Dial – Scratched, pitted and stained dials can be restored or ‘refinished’ to an incredibly high standard. If the best dial restorers are used, the results are spectacular and as good as new. However, this again can be expensive and if the dial is in good condition, it may be better to leave the dial alone to retain the originality of the watch. *Please see our FAQs and call us for some further advice on this.

The Hands/Winding Crown – Over many years, hands and winding crowns are often replaced with generic crowns. We can usually source period hands/crowns, but these can be scarce.

The Lens – While scratched acrylic lenses can be polished, we prefer to replace these. This is a little more expensive, but in our opinion well worthwhile.

To summarise, the restoration of a valuable vintage gold watch can be expensive but is almost always worthwhile. The cost is usually less than the value added to the watch and perhaps more importantly, you will be bringing life back to something which is beautiful to wear and which will always be treasured and enjoyed for generations to come!

Please call and ask for Alan or Brian on 0207 727 7095 and we will do our best to give you an approximate estimation over the telephone or alternatively via email:  alan@vintagegoldwatches.com

We will always follow this up by email, once we have examined your watch.

 * * *  Price Guide Jan 2019  * * *

Watch Full Service: Includes fully dismantling the watch to all its component parts, cleaning and close examination, checking for signs of wear and replacement where necessary with only original parts, reassembly, adjustment, testing and calibration. Includes 12 months warranty on the movement.

Hand-wound watch: £245.00 Service
Automatic watch: £295.00 Service
Chronograph: £445.00 Service
Dial Restoration: £395.00 Restoring to the original specification by the U.K.’s top dial restorer.
Case Restoration: £295.00 Cleaning & polishing by one of the U.K.’s top case-makers, repair light damage.
Replacement Lens: £75.00 With a manufacturer’s original part.
Replace strap: £95.00 As an example, a good quality padded, crocodile leather strap in your choice of colour available from around £95:00
Valuation: £35.00 We recommend while we have your watch, you opt to have a written valuation for insurance purposes. This will be for the replacement value, including three photographs.

Kindly note, while these prices are estimates, excluding parts, the final price will rarely exceed the above.

In order to proceed, please call us or email us prior sending us your watch so that we may book and schedule the work.

Regarding delivering your watch safely to us, we recommend you keep all original presentation boxes and paperwork and simply use plenty of bubble wrap to wrap around the watch before placing it into a stout cardboard box or a spare Tupperware container which we will later return to you.  Within the UK, we recommend you to use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send the watch to us, using the Next Day by 1 pm service and request maximum insurance which will be £2,500. The total including postage and insurance will be no more £12.00. The size and weight of the parcel will not affect the price by more than a few pence. If your watch is worth more than £2,500 simply let us know and we will include the delivery on our blanket insurance policy which will cover the value of the watch up to £10,000.  This method of delivery is very safe, as in over 15 years of using this system, and 1000’s of deliveries, we have never lost a parcel or needed to make a claim.

For overseas delivery, we recommend FedEx International and if you wish, we will arrange collection of your watch provided you agree to pack it carefully, as above. The shipping charges are £45.00 to most cities worldwide. We will charge this with the servicing repairs or restoration work prior to returning your watch by Fedex.

Please use the following safe delivery address:-

Alan Wood (VGWL)
Kensington Pavilion
96 Kensington High Street
W8 4SG

Finally please let us know when we may expect your watch with a quick call or email: alan@vintagegoldwatches.com

We will then confirm safe arrival and be in touch again, shortly after, to agree the work to be carried out and to confirm our estimate.

Thank you.