This Omega De Ville Buying Guide will help you learn more about the range, the Omega De Ville prestige history and some of the wonderful models in the collection.

The Omega De Ville History

Omega De Ville started as a line of luxury watches first produced by Swiss watchmakers Omega in 1960. The collection holds a significant place in the brand’s history and represents a satisfying blend of elegance, precision, and innovation.

Although the De Ville collection was initially introduced as part of the Seamaster collection, some of the models with the “De Ville” name had appeared in Omega’s catalogues as early as the 1940s. The line was created specifically for customers seeking sophisticated dress watches that combined traditional craftsmanship with a modern dynamic.

The Omega De Ville collection marked a suave sojourn away from the brand’s sporty and tool watch roots, focusing more on refinement. These graceful watches added a missing dimension, being more suitable for formal occasions and executive office wear. The shift enabled Omega to expand its customer base and appeal to a more diverse audience.

In 1967, Omega decided to make the De Ville range become a stand-alone collection. The collection has gone on to earn a stellar reputation as a symbol of luxury and distinction. After only a decade in production, the De Ville collection was honoured with the prestigious “Triumph of European Excellence” Grand Prize by the Committee of European Excellence for its embodiment of the art of living.

Manufactured in Zurich rather than in the Omega headquarters in Bienne, the De Ville collection has gone on to delight connoisseurs not only for its sleek urban good looks but also its impeccable timekeeping. 1999 was a significant year in Omega De Ville’s history, it was the year Omega took it up a notch by introducing a brand-new Co-Axial movement developed by highly regarded British watchmaker George Daniels. In 2007, Omega unveiled the new 8500 Co-Axial Escapement for the De Ville Hour.

Presently, the Omega De Ville collection comprises sub-collections including Ladymatic, Prestige, Tresor, Hour Vision, and Tourbillon. As a testament to its prestige, the De Ville collection has become one of Omega’s most popular and enduring lines.

Current Models and Variations

There’s a dazzling amount of choice in this elegant range from simple dress watches to the most sophisticated of complications. The De Ville collection has it all, which is why we created this Omega De Ville buying guide.

Let’s take a look at some of the models and variations within the Omega De Ville domain, along with their distinctive characteristics:

Omega De Ville Prestige

Crisp, classic and timeless design, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Case materials: Stainless steel, two-tone (stainless steel and gold), or full gold (yellow, rose, or white gold).

Dial options: Various colours and finishes such as silver, white, black, and blue, often featuring Roman numerals or applied baton hour markers.

Complications: Typically simple with hours, minutes, and seconds hands. Some models include a date function at 6 o’clock. Runs on the much admired Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement.

Omega De Ville Tresor

The current range is a modern reinterpretation of vintage Omega Tresor watches from the late 1940s. Within the Omega De Ville Tresor collection are a few different models – the 40mm Power Reserve Master Chronometer, and the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds.

Case materials: Stainless steel, rose gold, or white gold.

Dial options: Usually clean and minimalist with slim hands and slender hour markers be they indices or Roman numerals.

Complications: Often features a small seconds sub-dial or date window at 6 o’clock, enhancing the vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Omega De Ville Hour Vision

The emphasis in this collection is on showcasing the mechanical movement through a transparent case back. The Hour Vision elevates precision to the next level by providing wearers with Master Chronometer certification.

Moreover, certain models go beyond by incorporating transparent sapphire panels on the case sides, allowing a captivating display of the exceptional in-house movement. Note: These models are no longer available from Omega in the UK but they are in the USA. They are available however from some UK online retailers.

Case materials: Stainless steel or precious metals including 18K gold or platinum.

Dial options: Often with an open-worked design or intricate guilloche patterns, providing a view of the movement from the front.

Complications: May include the date, power reserve indicator, or annual calendar complications.

Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronometer

This range incorporates Omega’s advanced Co-Axial escapement technology, providing high precision and reduced friction.

Case materials: Stainless steel, gold, or a combination of both.

Dial options: A variety of colours and finishes, with different hour markers and hand styles depending on the model.

Complications: Chronograph functions with sub-dials for measuring elapsed time.

Omega De Ville Central Tourbillon

Just 3 models are available in this connoisseur’s high-end, limited-edition collection with a focus on precision, prestige and craftsmanship. The Canobus gold edition weighs in at £202,500.

Case materials: Premium materials such as 18K gold or platinum.

Dial options: Lavishly decorated, often featuring hand-guilloche patterns and precious elements.

Complications: The central tourbillon with a hand-finished cage is the highlight, offering enhanced accuracy by counteracting the effects of gravity on the movement.

Omega De Ville Trésor Ladies’ Collection

Designed specifically for women it offers a mix of elegance and performance.

Case materials: Stainless steel, gold, or a combination of both.

Dial options: Diverse range of colours and textures, sometimes adorned with diamonds as hour markers and also features a unique diamond-paved case.

Complications: Primarily simple, with options for a date or small seconds sub-dial in some models. Powered by a Swiss Quartz movement.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic

This collection was first introduced in 1955. Half a century later, Omega breathed new life into this timepiece by reintroducing it under the De Ville line. The Co-Axial calibre 8520 or 8521 exudes oodles of feminine grace.

Case materials: Diamond pave bezels, solid gold cases, bezels, and bracelets.

Dial options: Round with mother of pearl

Distinguishing features: Gracefully rounded cases, delicate lugs, bracelets adorned with links designed with flowing edges resembling gentle waves

Complications: The date window at 3 o’clock. Runs on the Co-Axial Chronometer movement.

Omega De Ville Vintage Watches

Here are just three examples of beautiful vintage Omega De Ville watches currently in stock at Vintage Gold Watches. You can see all our currently available Omega De Villes here.

Omega De Ville Automatic Cal.711 9ct 1969

A stunning Omega De Ville 9ct yellow gold watch, complete with its original full-length woven link 9ct Omega bracelet. The watch case is 30mm x 30mm and yet it contains a very high-grade Omega Cal.711, 24 Jewel automatic movement. This watch was made at a time when Omega was at its peak in terms of the quality of its in-house movements and this is a superb example in 9ct gold with a bracelet in such tip-top condition. £3,550.

Omega Seamaster De Ville Automatic 14ct c1968

This is a beautiful 14ct yellow gold Omega Seamaster De Ville with a Calibre 565 automatic movement and a beautiful 34mm case. It was one of the models produced while De Ville was still a sub-brand of Seamaster and they are becoming increasingly rare. The watch also carries a beautiful original, unrestored and untouched silver-white dial which is in wonderful condition and carries the Seamaster motif on the case-back. The highly regarded movement, in particular, is in spectacular condition. £3,400.

Omega Seamaster De Ville Cal.565 18ct Pink Gold c1967

Another fine example of a De Ville model made while it was still a sub-brand of the Seamaster. It’s an Omega Seamaster with the Calibre 565 date automatic movement and a 34 mm, rare 18ct pink gold case. The watch also carries a beautiful original, unrestored and untouched silver starburst dial and is in wonderful condition. £3,450.

How To Buy A Vintage Omega De Ville Watch

When buying any vintage watch there is a checklist of things to carefully think about. When it comes to buying a vintage Omega De Ville watch, there are practical points to consider to ensure you make a well-informed and satisfying purchasing decision. Here are some useful tips to guide you through the process.

1. Research and authenticate

Once you’ve settled on the model you want, before making any purchase, take time to thoroughly research the specific model of the Omega De Ville watch you’re interested in. Familiarise yourself with its features, specifications, availability and historical background.

To determine authenticity, look for specific details that are unique to genuine Omega watches, such as the logo, serial numbers, and movement. Compare the watch you’re considering to images and information available on Omega’s official website or from reputable watch forums.If possible, ask for the original box and papers, as they can further confirm authenticity. Vintage Gold Watches gives you full reassurance of quality and authenticity. This includes 12 Months’ Written Warranty, a Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee and also a 14-day ‘no quibble’ sale or return policy. So if a watch is found to be not authentic, or not as described, we will provide a full refund at any time. On top of that, there is free UK Special Delivery and free Worldwide FedEx Delivery.

2. Make sure it’s the right size

Omega De Ville watches come in various sizes. Bear in mind, when it comes to vintage watches they tend to be smaller in size than modern-day models. It’s essential to choose one that fits your wrist comfortably and complements your style. Consider the case diameter and thickness, as well as the strap or bracelet length. Try the watch on in person if possible. Once on, compare the dimensions to watches you currently own to get a sense of how it will look and feel on your wrist.

3. Consider personal style preferences

The Omega De Ville collection is different from a tool or sports watch. It’s a range noted for classic and dressy styles with elegant designs. Consider your personal style and the occasions for which you plan to wear the watch.

Consider the colour of the dial, the case material (e.g., stainless steel, gold, two-tone), and the type of strap or bracelet (e.g., leather, stainless steel, rubber).

4. Evaluate pre-owned models

If you’re considering a pre-owned or vintage Omega De Ville watch, carefully assess its condition. Look for signs of wear on the case, crystal, and bracelet or strap. Ask questions about the watch’s movement accuracy and functionality. Remember, vintage watches will not keep time as accurately as new watches. If possible, have a professional watchmaker inspect it for any hidden issues. Omega De Ville is a timeless, prestigious brand, with a sound horological history, increasing in demand and appreciatingin value over time.

5. Research reputable sellers

It’s always wise to purchase from authorised dealers or established, reputable sellers to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit or modified watches. Read reviews and testimonials from other buyers to gauge the seller’s reputation and customer service.

Be clear about the seller’s return policy and warranty coverage to protect yourself in case of any unforeseen issues. Vintage Gold Watches is always an excellent first port of call to check out what Omega De Ville watches are available.

6. Learn about movements

Omega De Ville watches house various movement types, including Swiss quartz and mechanical movements including the much admired Co-Axial Chronometer. Mechanical movements can be further divided into automatic and, for the more vintage models, manual wind.

Learn to appreciate the differences between these movement types and consider what suits your preferences and needs. For example, automatic movements self-wind with the motion of your wrist, while manual wind movements require daily winding by hand. Quartz movements will be cheaper and easier to maintain but perhaps considered less prestigious among vintage watch collectors.

7. Set your budget

Determine your budget before shopping for an Omega De Ville watch. The collection offers models at various price points, so having a budget in mind will help narrow down your choices. Do your best to stick to your budget and don’t be drawn by something that’s beyond what you originally wanted to spend.

8. Inspect features and complications

Some Omega De Ville watches come with additional features and complications, such as chronographs, date displays, or moon phase indicators. Assess whether these features are important to you or if you prefer a simpler watch design.

By considering these practical factors, doing thorough research, checking on price and making an informed decision, you’ll increase the likelihood of finding the perfect Omega De Ville watch that suits your style and preferences while being confident of its authenticity and quality.

Pricing and Value

The pricing and value of Omega De Ville watches can vary significantly depending on a number of factors:

  • Materials
    The choice of materials used in the watch’s case, bezel, and bracelet significantly affects the price. This is because De Ville models are available in stainless steel, gold, platinum, and even combinations of precious metals.
  • Complications
    Complications, such as date displays, chronographs, moon phases, and especially tourbillons, can considerably impact the price. The more complex the movement, the more it will be likely to come at a premium.
  • Exclusivity
    Limited editions, special collaborations, or rare vintage pieces that were produced in smaller quantities tend to be more exclusive and, therefore, may command higher prices. Limited editions, discontinued models, or variants produced in small quantities can become highly sought-after by collectors due to their scarcity.
  • New vs. Vintage
    New Omega De Ville watches typically range from around £3,900 for an Omega De Ville Tresor Quartz model, to $202,500 at the high-end for a De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial Master Chronometer.

Whereas a mid-1960s vintage Omega De Ville mechanical watch from Vintage Gold Watches starts from as little as £3,250. The advantage of investing in a vintage Omega De Ville as opposed to a new one is that the watch has already been through its depreciation curve.

New Omega De Ville models available directly from authorised dealers are likely to have more consistent pricing, whereas vintage pieces can have a much wider range of prices because factors are brought to bear such as condition, rarity, and historical significance.

Vintage Omega De Ville watches, especially those in good condition and with unique characteristics, have been known to appreciate in value as they become rarer over time. As the supply of specific vintage models dwindles, demand from collectors and enthusiasts can drive up prices.

At Vintage Gold Watches, we have some exquisite examples of vintage Omega De Ville models in stock, some of them under the original pre-1967 Seamaster branding. Be sure to check them out and feel free to get in touch for further information or arrange a viewing.

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