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As well as a web destination, Vintage Gold Watches London is a partnership based in Kensington High Street, London, (W8 4SG) engaged in selling ‘fine’ Swiss watches, primarily from the 1950s and ’60s. We particularly love this time period for its classic elegance and quality. In fact, we consider this to be the golden age of Swiss watchmaking, when technical excellence, design and craftmanship each combined to provide us with some of the finest timepieces ever made. We are great admirers of 1950s and ’60s watches from Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, IWC, and Zenith, therefore these form the heart of our collection.

Each of these famous watch ‘houses’ offers something different in terms of character, style and personality. Rolex is, of course, incredibly famous, most notably for the robustness of is movements, and the events and record-breaking successes surrounding its early chronometers and automatics. However, each of these manufacturers has its own fascinating history to tell along with numerous highlights and claims to fame. In terms of design, refinement, and ultimate quality, each of these brands is at least on par, and often exceeds that of Rolex. Value for money is also another main reason for offering a carefully chosen portfolio of brands, and models in addition to Rolex.

Of course, in addition to their unmatched quality, our customers love the design, elegance and style of our mid-century wristwatches, but often it is their value for money which surprises our customers the most – particularly when found in such wonderful condition. If one considers the very high cost of these watches when new, adjusted of course for inflation, and the very high price of their new equivalents today, high-quality vintage watches really do offer excellent value for money. Then, if we factor in double-digit growth investment potential, we have something really special, to wear, treasure and enjoy. All of which really adds up!

Once the decision has been made to purchase a vintage gold watch, we fully appreciate this is a significant moment for our customer, so our first priority is to make the experience as simple, straight forward and pleasurable as possible.

As you will discover, we are keen to help our customers understand the key points and differences between each of our watches. We are also happy to answer questions by telephone or email and hear your preferences so that we may guide you to your perfect vintage gold watch. It is always worth enquiring, as we typically have around 40 watches undergoing restoration at any one time, so it may well be that we have exactly what you are looking for becoming available soon.

You may for example, be seeking a watch manufactured in your birth year, or a watch with a particular colour or design of dial. Size and price are also, of course, key considerations. Whatever your preferences might be, please let us know as we may already have something of interest in stock which is waiting to be listed on this site. We also have strong connections with a good number of fellow watch dealers in London, so we may well be able to find you a good example of exactly ‘your watch’, in much less time than you might spend on your own. If necessary, we will then restore a watch for you, using only original parts to make it look as good as the rest of the watches you see on this website.

We always, of course, try very hard to find the best quality and most lightly used watches available. Each is then restored as necessary to bring the watch back, as close as possible to its original condition. Typically this requires the skills of a minimum of three craftsmen. Our vintage specialist watchmaker will restore the movement and co-ordinate the rest of the restoration. The case will be forwarded to our watch case-maker who will check the integrity, attend to repairs and polish the case. Meanwhile, the dial will be sent to our dial restorers, who do fabulous work and are widely regarded to be the best in the UK. This, as you will apreciate, is quite time-consuming, but each of our customers agree this is well worthwhile.

While Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, IWC, Zenith form the core of our collection, we regularly acquire other watches on behalf of our customers. For further information, please very quickly add a few notes to the Enquiry form at the bottom right of each page of the website.

For further information please also FAQs and of course, you are very welcome to call us on 0207 727 7095 or email us at whenever you wish.

A Vintage Gold Watch as an Investment...

It is rare indeed to find an interesting investment which one can wear…. and often surprising that these miracles of micro-engineering, which are of such beauty and elegance, from time-honoured Swiss watch houses, can be acquired for such relatively little money! And while we would always recommend to buy with one’s heart first, and consider the investment potential second, the advantage of course, in buying a vintage watch, is that its value will continue to rise, rather than fall, from the moment you take it home! This intrinsic value is solid, reliable and as perpetual in fact, as the timepiece itself.

If we were to take a quick look at trends since 2010, we will have seen double-digit growth each year, across each of the Swiss watch houses seen here on this site and since the new markets for high-quality vintage Swiss watches continue to expand, in China and across the developing world, this positive effect on prices is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

Although it is not very widely known, for the collector or the serious investor, there are some special tax advantages associated with buying vintage watches for those residing in the UK. Specifically, HM Revenue & Customs UK regard these items, as “wasting assets” and so cannot charge Capital Gains Tax on the profits made when they are sold, (provided they have not been used in the course of business), so for the private investor, this strange anomaly is actually somewhat of a gift from the taxman. For example, if money is retained in a bank account, the small amount of interest earned is taxable. With property, if a second property is purchased and then sold, again there will be tax to pay on the profit generated by the sale. The same applies for shares and other financial investments, but if the same funds are used to purchase a collection of vintage watches and then, in due course these are sold at a profit, no Capital Gains Tax is owed to the Revenue. Of course, we need to add the usual disclaimer not to treat this as ‘advice’ but purely background information for you to check with your financial advisor or HM Revenue & Customs. This situation is not unique to vintage watches – Antique guns, classic cars and motorcycles, antique scientific instruments and some mechanical toys also qualify as ‘wasting assets’ in the same way. However, to repeat, ask your financial advisor about this. Perhaps, at the same time, you might also ask why he/she hasn’t mentioned this before?? We could suggest, although of course, we wouldn’t, that there is no potential commission here available for the advisor, if you buy a vintage watch or a small collection, or perhaps grow a large one over time!

A Vintage Gold Watch in everyday use

It is useful here to consider there are some similarities, in fact quite a few, in owning a vintage watch and owning a vintage car. For example, a carefully chosen vintage car, which is regularly maintained and well cared for, can be relied upon in day to day use, quite satisfactorily for a very long time.  The same can be said of a vintage (Swiss) watch. Even though a Swiss watch is superbly engineered with legendary Swiss reliability, a vintage watch remains a piece of micromechanical engineering, made say over 50 years ago and therefore one may not expect the ultimate performance and reliability of its modern equivalent. For example, a vintage automatic watch may still need help with winding from time to time simply because vintage automatic watches are not as efficient as modern ones. Also, typical accuracy may vary by say up to + or – 30 sec per day. However please note, when we restore a vintage watch we do aim for a better than +10 sec/day  accuracy when it leaves our hands.

It is best to keep in mind that gold, particularly vintage 18ct gold, is a relatively soft metal alloy which is by no means as hard wearing as the modern equivalent. Therefore some care will be needed to avoid scratches or other damage, which will affect the value of your watch. It is also crucially important that vintage watches are kept away from water, dirt and dust. This is because a vintage watch is unlikely to be waterproof, no matter what the original specification. We do not test this and it is not guaranteed therefore water and dust must be avoided as these will definitely cause harm if they come into contact with the movement.

Need some extra help finding your watch?

If you have a clear idea of the watch you are looking for, but your search is not proving very fruitful, or it is taking up too much of your time, why not let us do the searching for you? After all we do this every day and we enjoy it! We will undoubtedly have many more sources and contacts than your good self and for a deposit, we will happily beaver away for you until we have found you just the watch you are looking for. We are particularly good at finding watches which have dates which coincide with a special birthday or special anniversary. Please see our FAQs for more details.

Need a little time to pay for your watch?

If you see just the watch you have been looking for here today, but it’s just at the wrong time in terms of your cash flow and you prefer to avoid lots of interest on your credit card, then why not use our ‘Layaway’ facility? It is so simple – we take a 20% deposit and provide you with a sales invoice for the watch for the full price. The watch is then marked sold so it is yours, but we look after it for you in our safe while you settle the balance over up to eight months in equal 10% payments.  No interest is paid because no ‘loan’ is made!

For more background about Vintage Gold Watches and our services please see our FAQs