A Vintage Watch Buyers Guide #1

Alan Wood, 2nd December 2022

The Appeal - Vintage Style Sells

As recently as the turn of the millennium, vintage watches were a niche for collectors, but much has changed. Over the past ten years, there’s been a huge upsurge in interest in vintage watches. The increasing number of websites selling and providing information about vintage watches are both evidence and the reason for this. Along with vintage cars, vintage wine and whiskey, vintage watches are perhaps the ultimate collectable. The market has therefore become much broader, deeper and more mature in recent years. Vintage cars and watches are so close, almost related. They’re a method of self-expression. They’re mechanical, beautiful, functional and aspirational. Watches, however, are much easier to keep and maintain and are much more likely to reward your pocket.

The Fors and Against

People naturally have concerns when it comes to buying a vintage watch, particularly for the first time. These are generally around what to buy, where from, fair prices, authenticity, accuracy and reliability, servicing and post-purchase care. Each of these will be addressed in later editions of this guide, but unless you’re already hooked, the ‘for’ might not be so immediately obvious. But think about it. What is there that you can buy, use wear and enjoy and which will go up in value? And what can you buy which will last forever and, with love and fond memories can be passed on to your offspring? The against.. In the worst-case scenario could lose or have your watch stolen. But these can be mitigated by care and insurance.

Why Watches?

This isn’t so easy to answer for those who don’t already get it. While some may fall in love with a classic car, for others, it’s a glorious piece of furniture or art, while for many, it’s a watch or watches. Fundamentally and underneath all this, it’s a celebration of achievement, in the beauty in the well-made thing. Along with an appreciation of the finer things in life. Music, films, art and wine included.

Alan Wood
Alan Wood, founder of Vintage Gold Watches, is a trusted vintage watch dealer with 35+ years of experience. His passion and expertise have earned him a respected reputation in the industry. Vintage Gold Watches, established in 2011, is known for Alan's knowledge and skilled restoration team. With a love for vintage watches since his youth, Alan is thrilled to share the finest timepieces from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s with others, fueling his obsession.

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